Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man

Realizing Reality

The title says everything and nothing at the same time. What does it mean: “realizing reality”? First of all, to write it out, it means just “to realize the reality that you live in”, the world we all live in. Yesterday I saw a book in our local store that was entitled “Bluff! The fabrication of the world” (orig.: “Die Fälschung der Welt”). The excerpt on the back of the book said that a psychologist explains ways to do somehow what I’m trying to do here: Showing how it could help to “realize reality”. But the author of this book ist just too much concentrating on Christianity. Yes, I also saw the book in the showcase of a catholic book store. Continue reading

Caffeine I – The organic high-quality

So let’s talk about drugs. Yes, coffee is definitely a drug for me because I’m rather addicted to it. Especially when I have to struggle to my feet, like today at 7 am. And yes, it is early for me as a student. Like a friend of mine just wrote on Facebook: “The use of coffee rises exponential the more early the alarm rings.” And last but not least, caffeine can be officially defined as a drug because of its effect on the brain. But let’s get started. Continue reading

Hello world!

This is a tree. Looks thoughtful.

Yeah, hello there. I’m just using this predefined post to tell you what this is all about. So you ask yourself: “Another blog on this planet? Who the fuck needs this?” – Me. This is why we all blog: Just to define us, to mirror ourselves within the comments of other people. Continue reading